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November 24, 2020

k3 consulting welcomes new sme practice lead

K3 Consulting recently welcomed new SME Practice Lead, Simon Hibbert, to the organisation.

Simon brings over twenty-five years experience in successfully running and selling his own businesses, serving as an exec/non-exec director for various organisations, and consulting to clients across a range of sectors.


Marcus Morrison, Director of K3 Consulting, says, “We’ve already got a large portfolio of big business clients and now also have a growing book of SME clients who are showing a real need for support, for both survival and growth.


“With Simon’s vast experience and specific understanding of the needs and challenges of small and medium sized businesses, he’s the right person to be supporting these clients to succeed and is already showing real value.”


Known for their mantra of “partnering for success”, rather than the traditional industry method of handing over complicated reports to clients, the new hire adds to a well-rounded offering for businesses.


K3 already offers expertise around sales and marketing, organisational change and development, people and capability development and recruitment, among other areas, as well as working closely with their colleagues at K3 Accounting and K3 Legal, also part of the K3 Group.


“SME businesses have unique challenges, particularly with many being run by owner/operators,” says Hibbert.


“In today’s environment, these challenges, as well as many opportunities, are being amplified. For most small and medium business owners, they know their products and markets inside out. Often what I help them with is growing those markets further, creating more efficiency, hiring the right people, or, for those under stress, identifying problem areas and helping them get back on track. It’s a very exciting time to be joining K3.”


As well as providing consulting services to clients, Simon will be leading K3’s launch of their new product, HR Assist.


To get in touch with Simon, contact 021 452 697 or simon@k3.co.nz.

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